Monday, May 23, 2016

Simplicity 2380

I recently bumped into my friend at the mall when she mentioned to me that she had trouble finding a cute jumpsuit in a Hawaiian print for her daughter's school promotion to 6th grade which was going to be in a few days. Since I love to sew & always looking for an excuse to do it, I volunteered myself to just make it. I immediately remembered I had a cute Jumpsuit pattern by Simplicity at home that I had not cut into. Here's the pattern.

So when I went to the fabric store the next day I texted her a pic of these 3 Hawaiian prints I thought would be cute for this pattern.

Since she didn't respond while I was in the fabric store, I just went ahead and purchased two yards of the black one in the middle, since it was on sale for 5.99 per yard & I figured it would be popular amongst pre teens. -But It was a good thing I bought it since later that day she said she liked the black one.

Here is the finished jumpsuit. I made view B in a size 14.  This is a super easy to follow pattern that would make an excellent beginner's project. You can't really see the ruffle at the top and in hindsight, I should have used a contrasting solid color for the bodice ruffle. & I bet the pockets would also look cute in a contrasting color. I'll have to make another one.

And here are a few more pics of her wearing it & a pic with me & my little 5 year old, which btw, I realized that the outfits we wore to church on this day I had also made sometime last year.

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