Wednesday, October 1, 2014

McCall's 6982

I've been sewing up quite a few dresses for my three year old lately, and I'm excited to be sharing some of them. Here's a cute one using McCall's 6982.

Pattern Review of McCall's 6982

I made View A in a children's size 3, with a minor tweak on the sleeve. Instead of making it a long sleeve, I made it a quarter sleeve and stitched in a skinny elastic about two inches from the edge, for a cute flair.

I used about 1 3/4 of a cotton ( dark grey w/ turquoise stars ) fabric I bought on sale at Joanne's. 

There is a zipper on the back, but I only made it about 7" ( and not a 12" like the pattern called for ), and I also didn't see a need for a hook & eye. 

I'd say this pattern is easy to follow for a beginner & I think most people can finish it in a 2-4 hour window ( I made this in about 2 hours, which included pattern tracing & cutting ). 

What I loved about this pattern is the versatility of the design, as you can create a few variations on the sleeves, and make it using only one layer or two, and add different embellishments like ribbon on the skirt edges or buttons on the front. 

The only think I wasn't too crazy about was how low the collar turned out & if I were to make it again I'd most likely adjust the pattern a bit. But as you can see, it still looks cute with a necklace.

Total cost was under $6, including the pattern I bought on sale for a dollar ). & it only takes 1-1 3/4 of a yard depending on whether you're doing two skirt layers or long sleeves. 

Hope you found this review helpful & enjoy making one or a few of these for your little one too!

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