Friday, January 11, 2013

My New Daughter & A Kids Floor Cushion to Celebrate the new Year!

Happy New Year!

Looking forward to creating lots of new stitching memories in 2013!

To start off the new year, I made this cute Kids Floor Cushion using the LivingWithPunks tutorial, for my new daughter Madeline, who's a year and a half & just home from China!

We traveled to China on Thanksgiving & got back to the US on December 4rth, so she's been home with us for a little over a month now & doing Fabulous! 

We just adore her to pieces! If you want to read more about our story or follow her progress, you can visit our adoption blog:

But on this blog, I will be posting more about my love for stitching or crafting in general. 

And while some people thought that my sewing desire would slow down once my daughter came home....I couldn't disagree more. Now more than ever I have even a greater desire to indulge in my passion....especially if it's something for her. 

The Kids Floor Cushion is super easy to do. 

It takes less than a yard of Home Decorating Fabric, 2 packages of ready made pipping, coordinating thread, and about 24 oz. of Polyfill. 

It measures about 11 inches in height & about 15 inches wide. 

My daughter is only a year and a half & it's not too easy for her to hop on it & stay put...she usually will roll right off & thinks it's the funniest thing!

She Loves to use the little handle on it to lug it around the room, or just roll it around like a wheel. 

And for now, it will go in her room for extra seating, or to set her stuffed toys or books on. 

Here's a closer look of it. I would of preferred to use my favorite color of turquoise for the piping, but all I had on hand was the red. 

Guess I'll just have to make another one!

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