Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A first little coat for Madeline

Made my daughter her first little coat this past weekend. I used a MDK design & I really loved it! I made it in a size 2t, & the pattern was fairly easy to use. & I was able to work on it a few hours here and there while my daughter was either playing with her little kitchen or asleep.

I added this little pocket in the shape of a heart & hand embroidered a special message on there for her. 

Who doesn't love pockets?

In fact, the little side pocket is Madeline's favorite!

I loved making this little coat for her. And I just love my new little girl even more. 

I used a bluish fleece for the outside & lined it with a cozy fleece in a cute butterfly pattern.

And saying the word "Butterfly" seems to be her favorite word right now. 

The backside is just as cute, with a small little pleat . 

And here's the front side. 

Instead of topstitching the edges with the machine, I opted to hand embroider along the edges just to add a little something extra special. 

I just love kids clothes with hand embroidery detail. 

Definitely will be making a few more of these since this was so much fun to make!

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