Saturday, September 11, 2010

A purse for my "Georgia" friend

Last Labor Day weekend my friend from Georgia was in town, and the day before we were scheduled to meet at the beach, I stayed up pretty much all night making her this handbag (for her birthday) using a pattern from McCalls (5599). I altered the the outside style a bit by stitching two coordinating fabrics together, and I added a layer of batting between the lining for added padding. The size of the handbag is actually pretty generous (measuring about 15"high & wide & the inside has two pockets sized enough to hold a cell phone and a small pocket camera. I cut out the fabric earlier during the day then about around 10 pm at night I started stitching it. About 2am, as I was turning the lining inside out thinking I was at the finish line.....I noticed something wasn't quite right about the bag. It looked a little disproportioned ( wish I had taken a photo of it ). But I incorrectly stitched the lining to the wrong sides of the handles so that when I turned the lining right sides out, the pockets ended up being on the (inside) side instead of the (inside) back. Anyways.....I made myself a late-night snack, and just started to rip the seams open, re-pinned it correctly, and re-stitched it, taking me almost another hour and a half before I was completely done with the darn bag again. So around 3:30 am, when I could no longer function properly, I cleaned up my area, stared at my newest creation while secretly wishing I could keep it, then I went to bed.

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  1. And here I am again to find that you sew!
    Of course, what else why else would you be at Paula's blog?
    Love this bag! Was it easy?!?