Thursday, June 10, 2010

MKLiTTLE's first post dedicated to Craft Hope

Ok, so here's a quick story behind MKLittle.....It's a little over 2 years old now - a sewing venture born during our wait to adopt our first baby girl from China. We were logged in way back in September 11, 2006 and yes.....we are still waiting for our referral. If you want to read more about it you can go here or here. But if you find yourself just as depressed as us about our wait, then you can just come back here to MKLittle. I personally think it's going to be way more fun and productive to share all the stuff that MKLittle will be getting into ( until we get "that call" of course ). So, aside from the usual sewing of little things here and there, MKLittle loves to contribute to not only our nearby community ( workshops for little ones coming soon ) but to the world as well. So, in the spirit of contributing to the world, this very first post is dedicated to Craft Hope , a wonderful organization composed of amazing crafty people from all over the world who generously share their handmade crafts with those who truly need them. A simple gesture that makes a huge difference. Check them out & join in on the fun.

And here's the latest project that MKLittle was proud to be a part of. It's a hand-crafted set of "Color" pillow bags with it's own custom drawstring bag, on it's way to West Africa for the Liberia Orphan Education Project. Hopefully a group of very excited little ones will enjoy learning their colors from this heart-crafted set proudly made by MKLittle.

This {Colors} set included 10 little pillows (filled with Poly-fill), each with its own label which was embroidered on white stabilizer. The drawstring bag was also hand-crafted using leftover scraps of fabric arranged to look like petals, and the actual "Colors" label was cut from a piece of white stabilizer using a custom font stencil.

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