Friday, October 31, 2014

My Frozen's Anna Halloween Costume

My little Elsa Queen had been insisting I dress up like Anna from Frozen. Except I wasn't in the mood to wear a long dress, long cape, and winter boots, in this hot California weather.  So I decided to make a "summer version" of the Anna dress. Short length, no sleeves, and a hot pink peter pan color instead of the cape. Oh, and I opted to wear it with some black stilletos. Here's the results. 

I simply looked in my stash & found some black poly-stretch jersey fabric to make my bodice, & I made the skirt out of a soft poly-cotton blend ( almost had a suede feel to it, not exactly sure what it was ), and I used a hot pink satin for my colar. Then I just stitched a hot pink ribbon along my hem. 

I used Simplicity 1419, view B. Super easy, super comfortable to wear! I didn't even have to use a zipper since my bodice fabric had a stretch to it, although I did cut a short slit & created a loop type of opening then added a hook & eye closure.  Originally I had planned on sewing on the sleeves, but I changed my mind last minute. 

For my front bodice "Anna Art", I used Reynolds Frozen Paper  found at Walmart, to create a stencil, then cut it out using an exact blade. The frozen paper can be ironed onto fabric to hold the stencil in place, while you paint it with fabric paint. I used some tulip glittery paints from Michaels. 

I could of added a few more coats, but I guess I was a little anxious to finish. I was still happy with the results. 

Like I mentioned, I wasn't in the mood to be wearing winter boots in this hot weather, so I opted to wear my black ankle strap stilettos. 

Here we are after my tot's ABC class. We had a Frozen Fun time at her Halloween Party. 

What I loved most about making this "Anna" dress using this particular pattern, is that it's not too "costumy" in my opinion. I think I would even wear it to Disneyland on one of these days since we are annual pass holders, except I will wear it with ballet flats or even my black converse ( although some hot pink converse would be cute too ).

I will definitely be making another dress using this same pattern. Would look cute with a fitted sweater. 


  1. your dress turned out great! what a fun idea to dress up with your daughter :)