Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bargain Priced Home Decor Fabric!

I had to drive to San Bernardino, California today, downtown area. Not the best area unfortunately specifically because there seems to be a lot of individuals asking for money on the streets these days, which always makes me a bit cautious. 

 But on the way back I'm glad I decided to take Foothill blvd. through Rialto because I had to make a quick U-turn after noticing this place. I can't believe I used to visit this place ( under a different name ) almost 25 years ago. It was one of the very first fabric stores I used to visit to get my fabric for my Home-Economics class in Jr. High School, paying only 2 bucks per yard. Back then they had an assortment of fabric blends, and today it seems they offer mostly 54" home decor. But guess what? This place is still packed with some pretty awesome choices at only $2 or $3 per yard!  

So....I couldn't help but shop for some pretty home-decor fabrics which are perfect for making handbags, or zipper pouches, or pillows, or magazine totes, or duffle bags.......or whatever you can think of that calls for a heavier fabric. 

See! Only $2 per yard!

But of course the $3 per yard section had a ton of pretty selections too! You'll be sure to find something that appeals to your style, you just have to go through the isles.

And there was also a ton of different trim available for $1.50 -$3 per yard. And 9" zippers for only .50¢!

I couldn't pass up this pretty tropical print in a cotton/polyester blend, which will be perfect for my spring & summer table cloths in the back yard. 

Here's a glimpse of some of the fabric I ended up purchasing at a bargain of a price!  But I also ended up grabbing a few yards of some pretty gold taffeta & a sheer off white fabric ( not pictured ) to make my parents some new drapes for their living room. But now that my mother saw it, she's so excited about it that she can't stop harassing me to start on them asap. So I will probably get to them either tonight or tomorrow just so I can move on to my own projects and be able to sew in peace!

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