Thursday, September 15, 2011

Little Stitchers make LadyBug Pincushions

A few shots from last week's kids sewing workshop. On this day, I had a group of 4 girls ages 6-10, who all learned how to hand-stitch for the first time. They learned two types of hand stitches ( backstitch & whipstitch ), & made their very first pin cushion out of felt. The 4 year old came along to observe...but I think that by next year she may be ready to pick up her first needle & thread.

Here they are cutting out their felt pieces from a paper pattern. I reminded them that it was ok for all of our ladybugs to look different, as each one is unique in size and characteristics just we are! ( They all seemed to like this idea ).

And here is my youngest little sewist who's only 6 years old. I was so impressed how agile her little hands were. She took instructions very well, and I was so happy she didn't poke her finger once.

The workshop was only 2 hours and everyone completed their project, with the exception of the little eyes -of which I told them they could do as homework, being as creative as they wanted by either adding small buttons or hand-stich some eyes with white thread.

And here they are again, stuffing their little bellies or "feeding them" as we were calling it. We all had such a fun time & the best part is over hearing them say "this is the best day ever, I love sewing", which of course melted my heart.

If you live in Southern California near the Inland Empire and have kids ( or yourself ) who'd like to learn how to sew, please visit for a current workshop calendar. I will eventually post it directly here on the blog.

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